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From the Leader in Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplements

With more than 20 years of development expertise in beauty dietary supplements, Country Life has long been an industry leader.∆  It all started with the launch of our best-selling Maxi-Hair® in the 1980s, formulated to bring life back to hair, skin and nails.***  Our credibility continues to grow with our wide selection for men and women—and now includes Maxi-Skin™ Collagen + C&A with clinically-studied Verisol® collagen to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity.** * Learn more about our most popular beauty dietary supplements below, and how they may help you achieve your goals.  Which would you like to try? 
  • Maxi-Hair®

    This is where it all began. Maxi-Hair® has been adored for more than 20 years, and is one of Country Life’s best-sellers. Maxi-Hair®, is formulated with B vitamins, biotin and MSM, and brings life back to your hair, skin and nails.*** Just 2 tablets each day will provide the nourishment for healthier hair, skin, and strong nails.***

  • Maxi-Hair® For Men

    Healthy hair is not just for women. Maxi-Hair® For Men is uniquely formulated for men looking to promote the health of their hair and skin.*** It includes saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and DIM. Maxi-Hair® For Men is available in easy-to-swallow softgels. Just 2 each day, and you’re on your way.

  • High Potency Biotin 5 MG

    Taking care of your body extends to more than just the inside. Biotin is a supplement for healthy hair, scalp and nails.*** This water soluble B vitamin supports the formation of keratin, a building block for skin, hair and nails.*** It also supports energy metabolism.*** Everyone likes to look and feel good so consider taking the potency (also available in 500 mcg, 5,000 mcg, 1 mg, and 10 mg) that’s right for you today. 

  • Resveratrol Plus

    As time progresses it’s important to support healthy aging.*** Resveratrol Plus supports the body’s antioxidant system and through this process, it may provide antioxidant support.*** Resveratrol has been studied for its support of cardiovascular health.***

†Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies with daily intake of 2.5 grams Verisol® collagen in women 35-55 years (measured skin elasticity at 4 weeks) and in women 45-65 years (measured eye wrinkle volume at 4 weeks and skin collagen enhancement at 8 weeks). Study results compared Verisol® Collagen to placebo. Individual results may vary.
∆Based on SPINSscan Natural, 52 weeks ending  4/19/15, Hair, Skin and Nails